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Telesign brings together the best and brightest minds collaborating on a global scale.

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January 12

What is IRSF? Stealth attacks lead to huge losses in APAC

Today, business often takes place in the digital realm. This shift to e-commerce has brought with it the need for fast, reliable digital identity verification.

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January 11

Stemming the rising tide of fraud with machine learning and AI

Today, successful fraud attempts outnumber those that are stopped.* This makes security and risk experts wonder, "How can we turn the tide?"

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December 22

Reducing fraud and friction in consumer experiences

As regulatory oversight to stop financial fraud rises, friction from identity and credit checks during customer onboarding is resulting in abandoned shopping carts. Consumers expect simple, fast, convenient onboarding.

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November 23

Safeguarding your brand and consumer trust with Account Integrity

Despite the proliferation of multi-factor authentication, account takeovers (ATO) and stolen passwords continue to plague the digital world.

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November 14

Meeting the security challenges in the identity space

Futurum's Daniel Newman sits down with Telesign's Joe Burton to discuss the exposure businesses face related to consumer data.

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October 7

Keep your customers safe across the lifecycle with Account Integrity

Fraudsters looking for account access vulnerabilities are a constant threat for businesses of all sizes. Keeping consumer accounts safe from scammers is more important than ever as scams grow more sophisticated.

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September 8

Onboarding: Seguro, Fácil y Confiable

Hoy es muy importante tener un proceso de Onboarding Seguro que permita vincular el mayor número de nuevos usuarios con mínima fricción y lo mas rápido possible.

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September 2

Onboarding: Seguro, simples e protegido

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August 31

The state of fraud 2022: Enterprise prevention strategies

In today's digital economy, trust is the new currency. Consumers are more inclined to stick with and support businesses that have earned and maintain their trust.

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July 15

¿Qué nos dice un número de teléfono sobre la identidad digital de un posible cliente?

A medida que aumentan los casos de fraude de identidad digital en LATAM, es fundamental comprender las estrategias de fraude actuales y cómo contrarrestarlas. Mientras tanto, sus clientes exigen una experiencia impecable de su plataforma.

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June 22

Reduce risk, drive growth, and build trust

Trust is the currency of today's digital economy. Businesses that earn and keep that trust thrive. Those that don't struggle.

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June 8

Stop fraud from the start: Detecting and mitigating risks during onboarding

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March 23

Onboarding: Safe, simple, and secure

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