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Engage your customers globally with SMS

Send and receive text messages to connect and drive meaningful customer engagement. Easily build a trusted SMS offering into your web and mobile applications with Telesign’s powerful programmable messaging API.

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  • Interact globally
  • Enable real-time notifications/alerts
  • Provide reliable communications

Deliver a trusted customer experience

Building a complete SMS messaging solution is quick and easy with Telesign. With our SMS API, you can deliver alerts, reminders, and notifications, facilitate two-way conversations, and communicate anonymously with your customers – no matter where in the world they’re located.

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Reliability you can trust

Reach your customers with confidence through more than 700 direct-to-carrier routes.

Messaging for every scale

Connect with your customers in more than 230 countries and territories across the world.

Flexible workflows

Keep your business processes flexible to accommodate the needs of your customers.

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Smart, high-quality routing

Speed and reliability matter. Telesign’s messaging API intelligently routes your messages using the most efficient path available to provide you with the fastest and most reliable delivery possible. Be confident that your messages are delivered at the speed of business.

Omnichannel waterfall delivery for endless redundancy

Rely on best-in-class deliverability rates. Our messaging API deploys a waterfall approach with dynamic routing to ensure every message is delivered. If any message fails, it instantly redirects the communication to a new carrier route or fallsback to a different channel.

Global reach and coverage

Text message just about everyone. Reach 97% of the world’s population and connect with your customers in more than 230 countries and over 80 languages. Effortlessly grow and scale with turn-key geo-expansion.

Create a local experience

Establish a local presence. Purchase or lease phone numbers with geographically accurate area and country codes. Build customer trust by communicating with familiar, recognizable phone numbers.

One-way communication

Engage your customers with timely SMS text messages. Send account alerts, purchase notifications, appointment reminders, and more. Keep your customers informed and deliver an experience they will trust.

Two-way communication

Connect with your customers on their terms for true conversations. Personalize your support channels to build unique customer relationships using our secure, private, two-way communications to reach your customers quickly at any time.

Start texting with a few lines of code

Our easy-to-use SMS API and in-depth documentation makes it quick and easy to start messaging your customers.

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curl --request POST \
	--url \
	--header 'accept: application/json' \
	--header 'content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' \
	--data phone_number=15558675309 \
	--data 'message=Hello world!' \
	--data message_type=ARN

Powerful business messaging at your fingertips

Integrating our developer-friendly global SMS API into your communications platform is simple and makes sending SMS text messages to your customers fast and easy. We offer clear documentation, user-friendly developer tools, comprehensive data reports, and white-glove customer service.

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Advanced phone number cleansing

Phone number cleansing can improve your message deliverability by more than 10%. Telesign helps you reduce operational costs by automatically formatting phone numbers based on message type and country of origin.

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Opt-out management

Receive SMS opt-out requests from customers and automatically register them in your system with a Telesign SenderID to maintain compliance and deliver exceptional customer service.

Enable private communications

Guard personal phone numbers and protect identities by connecting with your customers anonymously via number masking.

Engagement optimization and tracking

Shorten long URLs into fewer characters to make links easier to send via SMS. Save valuable characters for calls-to-action and gain insight into end-user behavior with activity tracking of click-throughs and conversions.

Compliance support

Stay compliant. Utilize free regulatory assistance to mitigate Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) risks and adhere to worldwide content compliance.

Long message support

Separate SMS messages over 160 characters based on device type and operator requirements and sends to the user’s handset with instructions to reassemble the message back in the correct order as one SMS.


We needed a partner that could scale to support our ever expanding global footprint. Telesign delivered the scale we were looking for.

Chuck Mortimore, VP, Product Management, Identity, and Security

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What is SMS API?

The SMS API is a platform-agnostic application programming interface that enables applications to send and receive Short Message Service (SMS) messages.

What are some of the benefits of using the SMS API?

Increased reach: Can be delivered to virtually any mobile phone, regardless of the carrier.

Increased Engagement: Messages are more likely to be read than emails and can prompt customers to take immediate action.

Increased ROI: Cost-effective way to reach customers and drive engagement.

How can SMS API be used?

Notifications & appointment reminders: Send messages to notify of order statuses, delivery delays, upcoming appointments, and other important information. Marketing Campaigns: Send messages to customers as part of marketing campaigns.Employee Communications: Send messages to employees to notify them of shift changes, cancellations, and other valuable information.

What platforms are supported?

SMS API supports a variety of platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

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