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Streamline account registration

Utilize phone intelligence to simplify the onboarding process for legitimate users while identifying and blocking risky users before they can do harm.

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64% of businesses choose smooth and easy registrations over security

These companies put their business and their legitimate users at risk by not verifying that each new user is who they say they are. On average, organizations surveyed spent $4M to respond to spam or fraud committed by unverified users. (Data from TeleSign’s Fraud Report)

Businesses Are Concerned With:

Friction for good users

Increased costs and needed resources

Securely And Seamlessly Register New Users

By collecting a phone number, verifying that it belongs to the account registrant, and using phone number intelligence to assign a fraud risk score, new web and mobile app users are converted quickly while bad users are identified and challenged or blocked.

  • Increased conversions
  • Reduced registration fraud