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Verify phone numbers

Connect each end-user with their valid mobile number and use it as a trust anchor for authentication and communication throughout the account lifecycle.

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58% of businesses lack a formal process for determining the legitimacy of a user at account registration

User verification through email, challenge/knowledge-based questions, and CAPTCHA are no longer sufficient and do not provide businesses with data and intelligence about the person behind account activity.

Unverified users can result in:

Fake user fraud

Increased operational expenses

Spamming of good users

Decreased user base value

Establish a global account trust anchor

When an end-user enters their phone number at account registration businesses can validate and authenticate that they are who they say they are by connecting with the mobile device associated with that phone number.

  • Secure delivery of OTPs for 2FA
  • Fraud risk scoring
  • Streamlined customer onboarding
  • Ongoing communications for engagement